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  1. Hi, I have been using my FLIRC device on a few devices for a couple of years including Ras Pi's and currently my Pivos Xios DS box with largely great success. Its arguably the best money I have spent in all my HTPCing days I have had this one little issue that has been bugging me though. As I want to get towards having one remote for all my devices, i.e TV (on/off, Source, volume basically all i need), a TV/Sat Receiver Box (BT Vision atm) and my XBMC box. I have nearly got this setup exactly how I want except for the fact when I am issuing commands to my TV/Sat receiver box (while on another HDMI port) via the remote, XBMC is still getting these commands and 'doing stuff' that I don't particularly want it to be doing. Can anyone think of or offer some options for a way round this? - I don't believe I have the ability to sleep/wake up via a remote on the DS - my feeling is to try to find a way to somehow disable FLIRC/XBMC from accepting remote commands on a button press.. until that button is hit again. Is that a feasible plan? and if so, can anyone offer some direction on how I would go about making it happen? - or do I have any other options? Thanks,
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