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  1. Unfortunately your solution didn't work for me. I had to use the Flirc GUI (using the full keyboard GUI controller) on my mac, and then record the PageUp/PageDown buttons on my Harmony Ultimate remote. At first I used the MyHarmony desktop software to customise commands on the remote, eg: Menu button = Context Menu; Red = Context Menu (again); Green = Fullscreen; Yellow = Subtitles; Blue = Screenshot. Assigned all buttons with BOTH short and long presses. As I mentioned, the PageUp/PageDown didn't work in MyHarmony so had to use the Flirc GUI. Works beautifully now. FYI my HTPC runs OpenElec w
  2. I have four XBMC setups going through the same TV! Primarily testing different units for family and friends, my main HTPC runs OpenElec, then I have a mini pc running Windows 8.1 that boots with XBMC launcher, a TLBB and an AppleTV2. I recently purchased a Harmony Ultimate to help control these units plus had three Flirc devices in storage which I upgraded to v2.4 firmware. Initially I had setup all three Flircs using the Flirc/XBMC device profile on the MyHarmony app, which worked flawlessly on three of the four units (the MyHarmony AppleTV profile works great btw). However I noticed
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