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  1. I'm ok to wait and test new version once you have it done. I assume it will be 3.0 rc5 ?
  2. they say "better" is enemy of "good" and unfortunately it's true for me I had a perfectly working remote (from tbs 6281) on some old 2.6 firmware (maybe beta, I don't remember) and decided to upgrade for some reason to stable 2.6 (gui was freezing occasionaly and I thought it may help) And now "hold and press" doesn't work for me anymore (while 10mins before upgrade it was working like a charm). I'm on beta 3.0 rc4 firmware and it is the same here If anyone know how to solve this issue please share here. It's not a big deal but I got used to just press "volume up/down" button instead of training my fingers Maybe I could try all old 2.6 betas again but not sure where to find them ? Apart from that I'm in love with flirc so great work guys!
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