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  1. Then wouldn't all devices have this issue, what remotes do your harmony remotes emulate for the FLIRC?
  2. I have this exact same issue, I didn't even own the xbox one until today so it isn't through some reverb on initial programming. It seems as if there is some sort of echo. See this video it's very strange.. Also there are no reflective surfaces that could be causing this either.
  3. Backstory: So 24 hours in and I have my Flirc doing everything I want (Ill make the appropriate thank you in another post). I wish I could say the experience of setting it up didn't come with a few speed bumps. I ended up running into an issue where the Flirc would program on my Windows 7 box but when I'd get it on my XBMCbuntu system it wouldn't respond. I tried all the USB ports (some are on different hubs) but alas it would not work. I tried rebooting several times, I tried re-flashing / wiping then re-importing / upgrading-fw / downgrading-fw, nothing helped ... finally I tired a very simple setup (arrows only) and it seemed to be fine. So, I decided to watch the raw input and noticed that the device would initialize in linux but the first time I sent an IR command the driver would crash and the input would disconnect with my full config. At this point I had to simply go through and re-map all my keys and custom buttons from my Harmony One Suggestions: Basically all this is why I think some sort of configuration validator would have fixed this, obviously there was something in the config that was not correct. The reason for XML would be: 1) XML would make it easy for an advanced end-user to look through config, manually edit and fix issues. 2) XML validation could pick up on 99% config errors. 3) XML would make it easy to share configuration (mappings) with other users via the forum. Thanks, Clad
  4. I figured out everything but I have some more suggestions because of the 45 minute battle going from my Win7 box to my XBMCubuntu host. Some sort of configuration validation is needed and the fact the config is not written on XML is mind blowing. Basically the USB keyboard driver would crash as soon as the remote sent its first command. I had to catch the input buffer to see it happen. So after flushing the config and re-setting up all the hard buttons and the 15 custom maps I got it working. It seems solid now, I still also stand behind my recommendation/suggestion for playback in the GUI so a user doesn't need a notepad document open to diagnose button mapping.
  5. I looked for a few for this but cant seem to find it so please don't kill me if its under some sticky or faq. The controller option for XBMC in the GUI, does anyone know specifically how these are mapped? For instance on here: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Keyboard Mute, and Parent Folder are not an option so which keys are used? Thanks, Clad
  6. I am of course a Newb only having a single programming under my belt of a 3 hour old Flirc but I found something horribly annoying (mostly cause of Harmony) but I can see it could help lots of folks. Giving us the ability while not erasing or learning a command the to playback the mapped IR functions of a remote. What I mean is: After I have programmed a map from lets say the "Play" button on my Harmony to the spacebar on a keyboard layout. If I was to press "Play" button on the remote the GUI would identify that the spacebar is the appropriate mapped keystroke by highlighting the spacebar oh, lets say .. red. I think it would help troubleshooting complex setups.
  7. Sorry I was just itching for my Flirc, purely for the satisfaction of the Cancer research.......:) Ok .... well .... mostly for the cancer research but also to get an angry Fiance off back about fumbling with Harmony One + SIIG Vista MCE Remote. And since USPS takes almost 24hours to update the dumb tracking site I figured I'd go to the source. Now its in my hands and after doing an initial programming I have of course some questions and also suggestion (if I don't see it already mentioned) but Ill post that in the proper location. Thanks, Clad
  8. For curiosity sake where is Flirc shipped from?
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