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  1. Have had my flirc for a couple of months now and here's my thoughts so far.
    Harmony One with Samsung LN46C650L1F tv device profile.
    + Cli interface.
    + Detected as hid usb keyboard.
    + Programmable on a pc and transferable to another pc.
    + Config stored on the flirc.
    + Good reception.
    + Good support from Jason.
    - Device is quite buggy. Mine always corrupts config if I edit button settings, meaning I have to completely reprogram all buttons.
    - Have never successfully restored a backup config that works.
    - No way of knowing the programmed state of the device.
    - Logitech Harmony remote profile not easily identifiable.
    - Definitely not for newbs yet.
    I have mine setup as I want but I'm reluctant to customise it further due to the amount of work needed to reprogram all buttons.
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