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  1. Hi there, I am new to Flirc and I am in the process of upgrading 3 W7 HTPC's w/ MCE Remote receivers to W10 w/ Flirc's. As a result I believe I have identified an issue similar to what has been described above regarding the functioning or not of a couple of the pre-defined controllers and associated buttons. The function(s) in question are as follows:- Controllers > Kodi > stop button & Controllers > Media Keys > wake/suspend button for some reason they seem to have some direct relationship. The observed behaviour is as follows:- When I program the Controllers > Media Keys > wake/suspend button to the Harmony 700 power button, the Controllers > Kodi > stop button exhibits the same behaviour. i.e When I press the stop button whilst watching a movie using Kodi the PC goes to sleep. If I then change the configuration of the Controllers > Kodi > stop button to perform the stop function then then I can no longer put my PC to sleep or wake it up via the Controllers > Media Keys > wake/suspend function. Hopefully I have made myself clear. PC configuration looks a bit like this . . . . Windows 10 Pro Version 2004 OS Build 19041.423 running Kodi v18.8 w/ Chrome & EventGhost Flirc GUI is v3.25.3 with FW v4.9.3 I am using a Harmony 700 Remote with the Flirc profile from Harmony Here are couple of files that may help . . . Cheers Flirc Config v3.25.3 v1.fcfg flirc_log1.txt
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