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  1. Hi All, I just received my Flirc 2 and I am testing to see which configuration I want to go with.. I have a few questions that I am hoping I can get answered. I am running a Windows 10 Pro 64bit HTPC without Media Center and I use Logitech Harmony Ultra remotes with Hubs. I want to be able to navigate through Windows and the Apps I use frequently. VLC Player is what I use the most. I started mapping the remote buttons with the full keyboard. The first problem I saw was that I cannot use just the Windows Key without something else. I need to use the windows Key by itself for the ease of opening the App list. Is it possible to use only the Windows Key? The next problem was in VLC Player. In order to access the menu bar at the top you need to press the Alt Key. Once again it will not let you program the Alt key without adding another key. Is it possible to use only the Alt Key? Also, How many pre-made profiles are available with the Logitech Harmony Hubs? I see one for Kodi.. Are there others? Also what is the best method of controlling a windows PC with the Flirc, Logitech Harmony Hubs and Windows 10 Pro 64bit HTPC without Media Center? Thanks for any help....
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