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  1. Thanks, mavrrick, I posted the question because the case was, well, not hot, but getting there. Perhaps I let my fears ("Warning, Will Robinson!") get hold of me. "Fears" is really too strong a word. I make it a habit to pay attention to the pi. Because it is not running cool, I thought it deserved a question on this forum. I'm really glad you mentioned your Seti@home experience. That shows me that I'm right to be watching, but panic is not appropriate. Really, though, there's no harm in asking if a case with a fan is in the works. As I said above, I really like the Flirc case and have no regrets about getting it. Just wondering.
  2. I know people are busy, but my question shouldn't take much time or effort to answer. I really like my Flirc case. Its one of the sexiest cases on the market and the fact that it is its own heat spreader gives it a partial solution to the heat problem. It doesn't seem to have a lot of air flow, though. Has Flirc addressed this problem?
  3. Do any Flirc RPi4B cases have a fan? I played a youtube video for around 10 minutes and my Flirc aluminum case got pretty warm. Scott
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