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  1. Hi Firstly my apologies. The remote was an xbox 360 remote not an xbox one remote. I then found out that the second time i plugged the flirc into the PC the drivers did not load correctly. Once I restarted the PC the drivers did load correctly. I was then able to see the expected output in notepad on the PC which told me that the keys were programmed as expected. I then connected it to the raspberry pi and saw the expected behaviour from my python application. Many thanks for your help. Newbie 123
  2. Hi Im new to flicr and eventually want to use flicr with a python application on a raspbyberry pi that reads keyboard input. Im using an xbox one controller with the full keyboard layout. At the moment, Im a little stuck because while I have assigned the values to each key in the flirc application on windows, there does not seem to be any means to test in the application that the keys have been assigned. If i open a dos window on the pc or microsoft words, shouldnt' I see those key values appear when i press the keys ? Once I know that the keys work correctly in windows, I can then move onto testing with the raspian on the raspberry pi. Any help in pointers to how i can test that the key values are assigned in windows 7 would be appreciated. Thanks - Newbie123
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