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  1. Hi, I have two flirc adapter in the same room because of that I add the flirc in harmony like that : Manufacturer: Samsung TV Device: some model number Because I havn't samsung tv . Then I used this device samsung with harmony and programmed with FLIRC Software the buttoms . but the flirc with kodi is too laggy and not response imeddiately , why is that ? (I have the last Flirc adater and I upgrade to last firmware) Thanks.
  2. The kodi not response imediatelly and you fell the remote not smooth with the Flirc adapter or it is smooth ? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I have harmony remote with flirc, I take TV samsung profile on harmony because I havn't samsung tv and set the profile then I programmed the remote with flirc with kodi profile in the flirc app . but on the RPI 3 B+ , one click press give me 2 click instead one in the Libreelec on Rpi , Also , you can feel that the remote not smooth with it . What I need to do to fix that ? Thanks.
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