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    Confused on how to start - Harmony, Nvidia Shield, MythTV

    Well, As luck my have it, my harmony IR remote got knocked off the couch and the display was ruined. This led to buying a new remote and I went with the harmony hub which supports Bluetooth connectivity + virtual keyboard connectivity. So, I won't be using my new flirc device on this project - off to find something else to automate with it.
  2. Hello, I have a Harmony one, Nvidia Shield, and flirc 2 device. The developers of MythTV have been working on a mythfrontend that works on Android and in particular the Shield TV. This seems to work well, but the standard Shield remote is limited in buttons. For my current backend (x86_64), I have an MCE receiver and just leverage an Harmony MCE profile. This works quite well. I would like to migrate this configuration to run on the Shield + MythTV + flirc + Harmony. All of MythTV can be controlled by keyboard input. Unfortunately, I am not clear on how I would program FLIRC. I would like to have full use of the Shield from the remote but also map the buttons ( to keyboard input) that I would need for MythTV. I looked at the Shield profile, but it only maps the expected Shield buttons. Would I want to use the Full keyboard profile? If so, how could I figure out the Shield mappings on the keyboard to use? I assume I would then use something like a flirc keyboard profile on the Harmony and map all of the keys manually. This feels like a blending of a keyboard profile + Shield profile. Is this the right path or am I lost? Any suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated.