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  1. I found the answer thanks to this thread: On page 5, ixian walks through the process of mapping multiple devices to a single flirc. I followed his instructions and everything is working awesome. I never would have guessed that in the software, you were able to switch between controller profiles.
  2. Is it possible to use the built in Nvidia Shield profile for flirc, but then add additional key presses as well? My goal is to leverage all of the tweaking that has been done by the flirc team/community to get the Shield working right, but then supplement additional key presses to control mythtfrontend (similar to Kodi). It feels like this should be straight forward, but I can't figure out how to do it.
  3. Well, As luck my have it, my harmony IR remote got knocked off the couch and the display was ruined. This led to buying a new remote and I went with the harmony hub which supports Bluetooth connectivity + virtual keyboard connectivity. So, I won't be using my new flirc device on this project - off to find something else to automate with it.
  4. Hello, I have a Harmony one, Nvidia Shield, and flirc 2 device. The developers of MythTV have been working on a mythfrontend that works on Android and in particular the Shield TV. This seems to work well, but the standard Shield remote is limited in buttons. For my current backend (x86_64), I have an MCE receiver and just leverage an Harmony MCE profile. This works quite well. I would like to migrate this configuration to run on the Shield + MythTV + flirc + Harmony. All of MythTV can be controlled by keyboard input. Unfortunately, I am not clear on how I would program FLIRC. I would like to have full use of the Shield from the remote but also map the buttons ( to keyboard input) that I would need for MythTV. I looked at the Shield profile, but it only maps the expected Shield buttons. Would I want to use the Full keyboard profile? If so, how could I figure out the Shield mappings on the keyboard to use? I assume I would then use something like a flirc keyboard profile on the Harmony and map all of the keys manually. This feels like a blending of a keyboard profile + Shield profile. Is this the right path or am I lost? Any suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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