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  1. Thanks for your reply. It appears that key presses alternated between the keyboard input I had input and some other character. I haven now programmed the troublesome buttons twice as you suggested and that has fixed it. Many thanks Phil
  2. Thanks Yawor. Would you clarify how I do that please for (say) 'pause' giving P. My guess at this does not work. > select Controllers > Full keyboard > Click on P > press 'pause' on mce > Click on P again > press 'pause' again I get 'Button already exists' Advice appreciated. Phil
  3. I have just acquired a flirc - Firmware version v4.4.4.2 with the intention of simplifying the configuration of my Mythtv setup with an MCE remote. The remote works reliably with the MCE receiver and Linux lirc software. The setup utility under Ubuntu would not work - the menu bar at the top was missing so I used my Windows 10 system instead. Latest version of flirc software v3.9.12. I reset the device completely with file > clear configuration then programmed keys individually from the Controllers > Full keyboard. Keys such as the numbers work fine, but buttons such as 'Pause' programmed for 'p', 'Picture' for W only work on alternate key presses. I'm testing with a simple perl program to show keyboard input. What might I be doing wrong? The saved configuration is attached. Regards Phil Config20180319.fcfg
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