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  1. I just tried to send a message using your form, but after sending it I saw a message saying "It seems like you are not a human!" However, I never saw a Captcha or other human test so I don't know if you got the message or not!!!! Anyway, I need to return my Flirc because I discovered that I don't need it. Never even plugged it in. I realize that postage is my responsibility. Do I need an RMA to return it? Where do I send it?
  2. I have a HTPC that's running EventGhost for my automation. I have a UsbUIRT attached to it to be able to accept and transmit IR throughout the system. I use Plex Media Player to view my media but I have to use my keyboard to control it. I bought a Flirc to control Plex and then it dawned on me that I could just use EG and the IR to read my existing remote control and feed keystrokes to Plex! Am I missing something that Flirc could do better for me?
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