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  1. @jason - wife is getting sick of using two remotes :) Is it dead?
  2. ... Any update @jason ? Thanks!
  3. Should have mentioned I originally did this on another computer with the latest, but now also updated the one I did the command line from to 3.11.6, same exact behavior in GUI, but maybe some more useful info in command line: C:\Program Files (x86)\Flirc>.\flirc_util.exe device_log Reset Cause: SYST: False WDT: False EXT: False BOD33: False BOD12: False POR: True Error starting app header->boot_flag: FF ?= 0x55 Waiting in bootloader... App info: crc = 07f66c77 size = 0xD3C0 sig = 0xBABECAFE version: 4.4.
  4. Hi All, Just connected my Flirc(newer model) to change a key and went ahead and hit okay on upgrade firmware. Now regretting it! It seems dead and whenever I start the GUI I get 'invalid sku' Same as this unanswered post: http://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/topic/2561-invalid-device-sku-when-updating-firmware/ Here is some output from the command line tool: ------------------------------------------------------------- flirc_util version v2.4.0 [v2.4.0+] Booloader: v3.2.1 [0xDBDAC0ED] Settings: sleep detection: NA noise canceler: NA inter-key delay: NA seq
  5. Okay, can definitely understand that. It is a much more difficult task, I assume, to take an input in the form the debug presents and provide and API to change that into a hash...?
  6. @jason - is the calculation of the hash from the IR sequence 'open source'?
  7. @yawor - thanks I will play with it @jason - cool - even if it doesn't help with my current problem, it would be nice to have a non-learning workflow with JP1 stuff
  8. Ha - of course I recognize you as yaworski - I didn't make the connection! Thanks for the explanation - perhaps I should describe the problem I am trying to solve rather than a naiive perceived solution :) I have an RF->IR box - REX-433 for the XSight touch. I am using this with other equipment and it works well - however with the FLIRC is sometimes does not respond to key presses. I have learned the FLIRC with the remote rather than with the emitter from the RF box. I tried learning with the emitter, but it seems to put out some kind of constant low-level signal that confu
  9. Hello, I have been peripherally involved with the guys over at hifi-remote.com/forums for 15+ years. If you are not familiar, there is an open source toolset available for UEI-based remotes, and many other tools that have been developed to support IR in general over there. I am wondering if there is a way to program FLIRC with a sequence similar to the raw IR format shown in the FLIRC debug window rather than using learns. Since with the RM-IR toolset we know the exact correct IR signal, it would be nice to be able to program the FLIRC with that rather than relying on lear
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