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  1. Hi memeteam How did you rename the "Power Off" control on the Harmony to "Power Toggle" ? I do not see an option to do this within the Harmony software. Under “buttons” options I can select “PowerOff” to fix a command but nothing to rename as you suggested. I’m aware you can add the “PowerToggle” command and train it, but even then I don’t see an option to delete the preconfigured flirc “PowerOff” command from the list, this is pretty much the issue I had when I was initially setting up the software. Am I missing something? (For reference i'm using a Harmony Remot
  2. Many thanks for your suggestion, obviously your solution relies in renaming "Power Off" to "Power Toggle" something I never considered. I had tried a few things but in the end my workaround was to create my own Device and train all the harmony buttons based on old remote I had, the solution works but notice it's a bit sluggish at times, this was the only way I could program my Harmony Activities to turn on/off devices independently. I'm looking forward to going back to the preconfigured Flirc configuration you have suggested, I will post back after testing your solution, but it looks
  3. I have just replaced my Flirc with the Flirc SE for the additional power related functions with my HTPC case. I setup the Harmony power button with the Flirc v3.5.2 software as follows:- Controllers > Flirc Streacom Edition > Click Key to Start Recording > Selected Power Button (Only option) I then pressed the Power button on the Harmony Remote, the button is registered and HTPC is shut down. The HTPC Activity correctly turns on/off the PC as required along with other equipment, but unfortunately all other Activity's also turn on the HTPC regardless if it's
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