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  1. 20 hours ago, knewknow said:

    hi guys. So just picked up a Shield TV and been working on the Flirc config today. Seems I have everything working except for the double press on the home button. I have it mapped to the "1" button of the ViewTV-At163. It works well at pulling up the Android menu, but pushing the button twice quickly in succession doesn't bring up the multitask menu like it does on the original remote. Any suggestions? Inter-key delay shows 3 in the advanced menu of the Flirc software. Not sure if this has anything to do with it. Thanks!

    I don't have an answer but was wondering if you were able to program the gamepad buttons (XYAB) on your remote with Flirc?  Thanks.

  2. Hi, sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but I am considering buying a Flirc and was wondering if the Shield controller/gamepad mapping had made it into the program yet (Jason had said in February it was being worked on).  An example of how I'd like to use this is that pressing X on the gamepad when using Playstation Vue directly launches the Guide without having to go through other menus.  Thanks.

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