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  1. Sorry about that, I was very confused. Before I bought the device I was looking up how to set it up and people were using keyboard commands and that's what I thought I had to do. Anyways it is working perfectly now, including the Home button. Thank-you for your time
  2. I open the app and I see a simple controller. On the GUI I select the Up (and it starts to flash) and on the bottom it says "Press the button to be paired with 'up'" but even tho I am pushing Up Arrow on my keyboard nothing is happening. I am running on win10, I have tried running as administrator and I also change the compatibility to Windows 8 but nothing has worked
  3. 1) The app isn't working, at all. I was able to upgrade the firmware to 4.2.2 but I am not able to map any keys (it isn't registering any of my key presses) 2) I am trying to setup my Nexus Player so I first connected my keyboard to the Player to figure out all of the key commands and after a ton of searching I have no idea how to map a home button (I've tried everything, tab+esc, tab+alt, wink+esc) and I'm not sure what to do, this is all very overwhelming. I also noticed in Plex to go back you need to use Backspace but in every other app it is ESC to go back. 3) I would like to use my Logitech Harmony One+, and advice on how to set that up?