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  1. Mouse support would be great, I miss this most on FLIRC. Should be also, something like Soundgraph iMon had, App Launcher, and option to mapping buttons to programs with own profiles.
  2. I tried this two commands but this is not what should be, it's not right "Search" command for Shield TV, but thank you anyway. For now I assign "S" button and this is only work for start Voice Search in YouTube app, but in Home do not work for Voice Google Assistant and any other app. From my keyboard Logitech K400 "Search" button work correctly everywhere, in YouTube app it start Voice Search, in Home start Voice Google Assistant. --- Only hope in Jason and yawor left to let me assign "AC Search" 0x221 button from HID Consumer table, this is probably same button like on my Logitech K400 keyboard. So please Jason/yawor make it possible.
  3. Thanks, you mean command line with this command for example: "flirc_util.exe record_api 8 105" ?
  4. I'm looking for "Search" button key for Nvidia Shield TV how to learn Flirc for this button I have this "Search" button key on my Logitech K400 Plus is located on F5 button and work as Voice Searching. Here is my theard
  5. Hello, I bought Flirc for my Nvidia Shield TV to learn Voice Search key and first I learn Windows key by command line (by this command flirc_util.exe record_api 8 0) which work fine but what I noticed now this command always turn on Google Assistant not real Voice Search in apps like on YouTube, Spotify etc. I connected my Logitech K400 Plus keyboard which have "Search" key on F5 key (this is not F5 key, on this keyboard to push F5 you have to push it with FN, without combination with FN it's a Search key), and this key work corectlly, on Home menu it turn on Google Assistant, on YouTube app turn on Voice searching exactly the same as orginal Shield remote. So my question is how to learn this "Search" key on Flirc ? I will be very appreciate for help.
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