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    Flirc programs fine, but does not work

    I sent you message as requested. Let me know if you got it. Thanks.
  2. ulrick65

    Flirc programs fine, but does not work

    So I decided it was time to upgrade to Windows 10 anyway...so I did. I get the same result on Windows 10 (except that once I installed the software, when I plugged in the Flirc it was recognized and drivers loaded right away)...works fine in the flirc GUI but does not send any keyboard commands to the OS. Jason, I am unclear on what you mean by that last post? I have wireless Logitech Wave keyboard and mouse that are connected with a USB transmitter. Yawor...I tried different ports, same result. Let me know your thoughts please. Thanks.
  3. ulrick65

    Flirc programs fine, but does not work

    The plastic one unfortunately... I believe the new one doesn't need drivers right?
  4. I bought this about 6 months ago. I just today took it out of the package and went to setting it up. I have Windows 7. I downloaded the newest software, but it was giving me the "no driver detected" issue. I found the fix for that and got the driver installed no problem. The GUI fired up, recognized the flirc and away I go. I updated the firmware first thing, which went fine. I then programmed the keys for KODI, all accepted and went great with no issues. Closed out of the GUI, loaded up KODI...no good. I then just brought up a txt file to see if it would receive the commands, and nothing. I took the Flirc and put it in my Rasberry PI3 with KODI on it...and works without issue...all the buttons are programmed and function as they should....so obviously an issue with Windows. I tried removing the drivers, reinstalling the drivers...same issue. I tried the zadig option, same thing..no good. The GUI recognizes it and works fine...but windows does not recognize the keystrokes. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.