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  1. Amazon Firetv Harmony one

    WOW 229 views and still no suggestions?
  2. Amazon Firetv Harmony one

    What do you guys use or have setup on your (old) Harmony One for the Firetv home and menu button? I think I have everything but the Home and Menu buttons setup on mine. I can usually use the exit button but sometimes I have to break out the Fire remote to access those two buttons. Is there a way to assign a soft key for these two?
  3. Dual Flirc's

    Can I use 2 Flirc's? One for the FireTV and one for the PS4??
  4. Dual Flirc's

    Yes I do own one Flirc, trying to make up my mind to get one for my PS4. Is the Flirc able to power on the PS4?
  5. Dual Flirc's

    How would I know before setting it up if the Harmony would then control my LG TV if choosing a different TV?
  6. Dual Flirc's

    You've spoken very clearly and understandably. Now I understand allot better that you've explained it and thank you for that! So I have a LG47lh90 TV and I need to choose a different model to control the second Flirc in a different activity? Or a different TV altogether? Thanks.
  7. Dual Flirc's

    OK, so I think I understand now. I can use the Flirc's on 2 different TVs under 2 different activities.Just not in the same room, right?
  8. Dual Flirc's

    So if I setup an activity on the Harmony One (old) to use a Flirc on the PS4 to watch a DVD and another activity on the Harmony One (old) to use a different Flirc to watch Fire TV, the activity will choose which Flirc to use even though both Flirc's are inches apart? Also, will the Flirc power on the PS4? I'll also beta this setup if you want to send me another Flirc to try it. ;-)
  9. Using Flirc with Amazon fireTV

    A question for you. How do you have your Fire TV and playstation 4 setup?I have the older Harmony One. I would like to do the same thing. Do you have 2 Flirc's?
  10. Dual Flirc's

    I should have said I have the older Harmony one remote and can setup activities with the Flirc, but how would I choose which Flirc to use? Is there any identity to differentiate the two Flirc devices? Thanks for the reply. Willie.