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  1. Kodi and Harmony Smart Keyboard issues

    I got the Smart Keyboard along with the Harmony Hub on clearance. It's great when you need to input text. It comes with two USB dongles. It worked with my EzeeCube before I got the Flirc. I got the Flirc because my Harmony Ultimate would not work with my EzeeCube. Because of how I had to set up the Flirc in the Harmony software, the remote actually communicates with the Flirc and not the EzeeCube, but the USB dongle is plugged into the EzeeCube. So basically It's trying to work with a device that hasn't been added to the Harmony. Perhaps I have to add the EzeeCube as a device and set the keyboard to work with it since the Flirc is treated as its own device.
  2. Kodi and Harmony Smart Keyboard issues

    Anybody? This is still an issue.
  3. I bought a Flirc this past weeks in order to finally use my Harmony Touch remote with my EzeeCube (kodi box). Previously, I used the provided remote which wasn't great, and my Logitech Smart Keyboard since tweaking is a lot easier when you can type. After setting up my EzeeCube as a Flirc device in the Harmony software (as instructed), the remote works great. They keyboard works too, but not as a keyboard. After setting up the remote, I used the Harmony software to set up the Smart Keyboard with the EzeeCube, using the first USB dongle. The software told me everything was good to go. However, I can no longer type with the keyboard. I can use the predefined keys for commands, but in fields where I can type, it no longer allows me to do so. As a test, I removed the Smart Keyboard USB dongle, and the keyboard still worked. So it seems to me that the dongle is getting completely ignored, or is being overpowered by the Flirc dongle because the Harmony sees the Flirc as the device and not the actual EzeeCube. So, how do I get the keyboard to work as a keyboard with the Flirc so I can type when I need to type?