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  1. Thanks. I'm slowly getting a handle on understanding how to use this thing on linux. My linux box is headless and I login to it from Windows using putty/ssh and I want a way to use a remote to make it do a "systemctl suspend" to make it go to sleep, without having to login to it.
  2. The other thing you could add to the setup instructions for people like me with OSMC, OpenELEC, or other minimal linux systems is give them some hints about using ssh and sftp to get the config file on their raspberry. I wonder how non computer geeks figure out how to do any of this stuff. I happen to know because before I retired I was a unix sysadmin, but it's amazing how much I've forgotten.
  3. Great, thanks very much. Awesome device.
  4. I'm setting up a Kodi/xmbc box, using a raspberry pi3. I installed OSMC on the pi. I "installed" flirc by copying the supplied config file into where it said in /etc. The flirc seems to do the minimum stuff with kodi; the up, down, left, right, enter, and exit buttons work. OSMC uses a stripped down minimal flavor of linux so I'm guessing it doesn't have x windows. The user guide, "How to set up Flirc", confused me since I don't have any way to run the setup program on my pi. But it finally occurred to me that perhaps I can program the flirc by plugging it into my windows box and run the flirc setup program there and that all of the programming of the flirc is stored on the flirc? Is that true? In any event the web site and instructions are lacking. If it's true that I can use my windows box to program it they ought to explain this part and how you can use another computer to do the programming.
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