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  1. Solved my problems! Thank you! Mind if I ask what the issue was?
  2. Right, so feel free to test HBO or Starz or Crossy Road, etc and confirm your solution works (spoiler alert: it doesn't)
  3. Guys, I don't think full compatibility with the Shield across every single app will ever be possible. Problem #1 is there are 3 separate android commands apps can use for "confirmation", but only 1 can be replicated on a PC keyboard. Google has written guidelines to app developers to support KEYCODE_ENTER at minimum (which is what FLIRC maps to the center button on the remote). Nvidia tells developers to use KEYCODE_DPAD_CENTER or KEYCODE_BUTTON_A (https://developer.nvidia.com/android-tv-developer-guide) but some apps written for Android TV in general instead of specifically for the Shield d
  4. @jason I changed the .bin to .fcfc and loaded it to my flirc. Unfortunately, the OK button still doesn't function as expected in certain apps, and in addition, the directional buttons also stopped working in a few apps. It does work well within the common apps like Youtube/Netflix though.
  5. Awesome, I'll test it as soon as I get home from work and report back!
  6. That appears to be a .bin file. The Flirc GUI doesn't seem to let me load it. Is there another way?
  7. @jason here's my config. I also tested another keyboard and Enter/Return still acts as KEYCODE_ENTER. If there's a way to map KEYCODE_ENTER, KEYCODE_DPAD_CENTER and KEYCODE_BUTTON_A all to the Enter/Return key that would be amazing and would solve the problem with some apps not accepting selection inputs! my_flirc_config.fcfg
  8. @jason I'm in Canada. I can send you my config when I get home tonight. I'll also bring home a different mac keyboard tonight and see if that makes a difference.
  9. This is not true. At least not using my Logitech keyboard. Believe me, I've spent like 10+ hours testing this stuff. You're right that they are marked as separate things though. Enter/Return = KEYCODE_ENTER whereas Enter = KEYCODE_NUMPAD_ENTER. Android TV seems to interpret both keycode actions as the same.
  10. @jason I think I've figured pretty much everything important out except for the HID code for the OK Button on the remote. Did your buddies at nVidia ever give you the HID codes? Here's my updated mapping sheet. HID CodeUSB Keyboard ButtonShield TV Remote ButtonShield TV Controller ButtonAndroid Key Code Name0x07 0x0028Enter/Return--KEYCODE_ENTER0x07 0x0058Enter (Num Pad)--KEYCODE_NUMPAD_ENTER??OK-KEYCODE_DPAD_CENTER??-A / GreenKEYCODE_BUTTON_A0x07 0x0029EscBackBackKEYCODE_BACK0x07 0x0065 + 0x07 0x0028Windows Key + Enter/ReturnHomeHomeKEYCODE_HOME0x07 0x004fKeyboard Right ArrowDirection Right
  11. Yay, thanks! Would it also help at all to have the android KeyEvent codes? I tried pulling those and found that some are the same across all controllers/keyboards (like the arrow keys) and some have different codes (like back/esc for example) even though they achieve the same action.
  12. So I can get everything working pretty much except for the Select/OK/A button for certain apps/games (Crossy Road, for example), which sucks because it's the most used button of all.
  13. Here's some codes direct from Nvidia that the pronto codes were converted from. I have no idea if these are useful or not either. Vol up 0x807e12 Vol down 0x807e15 Up 0x807e0c Down 0x807e0e Left 0x807e0b Right 0x807e0d Select (OK) 0x807e03 Back 0x807e02 Home 0x807e09 Power 0x807e06 Mute 0x807e14 Play/Pause 0x807e20 Play 0x807e11 Pause 0x807e08 Stop 0x807e07 FWD 0x807e0f RWD 0x807e0a Sleep 0x807e41 Wakeup 0x807e45
  14. Also, do the "pronto hex" codes in this link help? http://www.avsforum.com/forum/93-remote-control-area/2126570-discrete-ir-code-list-nvidia-shield-tv.html Last 0000 006C 0022 0002 015B 00AD 0016 0016 0016 0016 0016 0016 0016 0016 0016 0016 0016 0016 0016 0016 0016 0041 0016 0016 0016 0041 0016 0041 0016 0041 0016 0041 0016 0041 0016 0041 0016 0016 0016 0016 0016 0041 0016 0016 0016 0016 0016 0016 0016 0016 0016 0016 0016 0016 0016 0041 0016 0016 0016 0041 0016 0041 0016 0041 0016 0041 0016 0041 0016 0041 0016 0622 015B 0057 0016 0E6C Exit 0000 006C 0022 0002 015B 00AD 0016 0016 0016 0016 0016
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