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  1. Hi. Just received my Flirc yesterday, and been trying to set it up, so far without succes. I've bought it to be used with my BeoVision 11 with the Beo One remote, and then it should control my RPi with KODI. I just can't figure out how to setup the Flirc correctly. Currently I have a very old Microsoft IR receiver. (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00066FIO6/189-3344771-3630905?ie=UTF8&seller=AODLCRC5J3W5W&sn=transbiz) and it works plug and play. I had expected that with the Flirc, I would be able to select which type of remote would be controlling it, but as I see it, I'm only able to select a few predefined controller layouts (KODI is one of them), but then I have to "train it" with each button of the remote, which by the way doesn't work properly. I'm getting "Button already exist" all the time, and I don't think it would solve my problem anyway, since the RPi is hidden in the chassis of the BV11, so it's controlled via IR repeater from the BV11, which in turn wants to know what its controlling, and I can't select anything that makes sense. Any advice??
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