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  1. If any of you guys sees this post, did you guys manage to find a solution to the problem? Because I am having the same issue
  2. It is Windows 7 and sorry for the typo it should have been Bootldr. I assume people helping out here knows what Bootldr is, considering a number of people has had problem with Flirc getting stuck at bootldr, as seen in the firmware bugs page. I am clearly not that tech savvy,so I was hoping people therefore could help me out here.
  3. Anything that I can do from my end, to let you guys find out the probable cause of the problem?
  4. Hey guys, I have been using this device for over two years now and I love it to death. I am so heavily dependent on it, that it is infuriating to not see it work like it use to. For the last two months, whenever I turn off my computer and then turn it on later on, Flirc simply doesn't work. So what I have to do is, open the Flirc software wait for it to upgrade, then load the configuration then again restart the computer and then only it works. These are a lot of steps that I have to go through which is very irritating. This was working so well, but I dont know what had happened, was there an upgrade to the software or something? Can someone please tell what steps that I can take it so it works like it should do? The device is basically useless to me now, please tell what can I do to make it work, so I do not have to go through those steps every time I turn on my computer
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