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  1. Hi Jason, This is good and exciting news! Let's hope your Flirc batch that's currently in manufacturing can be updated to contain the necessary fix. I would gladly help you by testing the new Flirc device with the mentioned RC6 remote. And hey, the brand new Flirc device on the house, that's totally awsome, thanks! Let me know when the units are ready for testing and shipping, I will PM you my address details and such when you need them. Happy thanksgiving!
  2. Hi Jason, At 3.1 firmware the buttons behave OK but the wake functionality does not work. But at 3.8 the wake functionality is OK but the buttons don't work as expected. So both firmwares have their own separate downside for me, combining the 3.1 button config and the 3.8 wake functionality would be awsome! I will repeat the OP down here:
  3. Due to lack of support on this issue I formatted the Mediacenter back to Win10 with built in MCE IR support. The FLIRC dongle has been archived in a dusty drawer. I'm not going to put any effort in getting a refund, and my overall experience with FLIRC has dropped below freezing point.
  4. Hi Ginderskov, No updates from my side, I'm still waiting for @jason to hopefully provide a fix. In the meanwhile I can send you the Flirc 1.2.8 GUI that contains firmware 3.1, you will have to force the FW downgrade with 'flirc_util dfu'. One thing worth to mention is that this 1.2.8 version is for OSX only, would you like me to send you this DMG?
  5. Hi Jason, No problem. This is the remote I'm talking about.
  6. Hi All, I just bought myself a Flirc because of the lack of 3rd party IR support in OSX. When installing and configuring the Flirc device I've updated the Firmware to 3.8 (GUI 1.4.4) and then started configuring my Microsoft MCE (Model 1039) RC6 Remote. While configuring I get an error message saying 'Button already exists' when recording some of the buttons on the remote. This is happening for my Up and Down buttons, it seems the Flirc device reads the IR signals sent by my remote as being the same for some button pairs (Up/Down, OK/Back). After searching this forum I fiddled around with the
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