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  1. Thanks that looks really useful - I've sent a comment and couple of questions. Think I'll try OSMC on another card and see how that looks as well. cheers
  2. Thanks for the pointers - makes sense. The script I want to run is a WiringPi script but cannot install on Kodi install. This is bit of a showstopper. WiringPi enables me to use the GPIO command and operate an 8-way relay connected to an RC remote. So need to figure how to run a GPIO.sh command on Kodi. Its probably a bit off-track as far as flirc forum is concerned but there seems to be a bit out there on the subject. cheers
  3. Hi I want to run a .sh script using my harmony remote. My set up is a Kodi Openelec media centre and Humax freesat box connected through an HDMI matrix to an LG tv and Optoma projector. Kodi is running on a RPi 3 with a USB Flirc. All is well and everything is (pretty much) under control. Now I want more! Now I want to be able to run .sh scripts on the RPi 3 when I press a button on the remote. The reason for this is I've lifted some scripts from an old openremote2 install and can use the GPIO to activate a circuit on a RC remote that controls lights and projector screen. I've googled loads and got myself totally confused. I've read about flirc_util but have been unable to get this working on the openelec install. Any pointers? thanks
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