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  1. Same issue with 2.0.1. Win 10 x64. If dongle is plugged in, flirc.exe crashes.
  2. unfortunately this does not work. I pray one day we can long press home with our FLIRC and pull up the hidden menu.
  3. I apologize if this has been asked before, but i have been searching and can not find a concrete answer. With the latest FireTv update, as mentioned above, L Windows key + L Alt. + Enter(Return) is the new home, I verified myself by wireless keyboard. My question is about the long press of home to bring up the hidden menu. Using my wireless keyboard, i am able to long press the key combination and bring it up no problem, but with my harmony remote, i have tried everything to make a long press of the home key work with no solution. Is this something Flirc can help assist or is this a limitation of my harmony remote? It is literally the only key/button that doesn't work correctly for me (Tho normal home works great now). Any advice, information or leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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