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  1. Thanks but no that does not work. Alt + Right click does not bring up an open option, you may mean ctrl + right click but that does not work either. I have already had it open so i dont think the security preferences are the issue. Cheers
  2. Hi I am having trouble getting the Flirc GUI to open on my computer (OSX) when I double click on the icon it just bounces in the dock and wont open. I have managed to get it to open via the terminal by showing the package contents and dragging the executable file from the MacOS folder to the terminal window. It worked fine and I have mapped a remote to it but it just wont open via the double click. Details below. OSX 10.8.5Downloaded Flirc.dmg (v1.4.4) from flirc.tvGUI ran normally the first time I opened it. I did not have the dongle in the computer when I first ran the GUINow the GUI wont open via double click or right click/open Does open via terminal and works fine, it shows that it is version 1.4.4 with firmware v3.8 and I have mapped my remote to itI have downloaded the version for the older OS (v 0.98) and that opened fine but obviously I would prefer the newer version. The older version did not seem to recognise my remote anyway.Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Riki
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