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    Key Repeat

    Thanks I'll give it a try. I am using the Direct TV remote because it is super simple. Wife loves it.
  2. How do I get keys to repeat with the older USB Flirc? I want to hold down certain keys and have them repeat. Is this possible?
  3. Can I use a Flirc with my android Kodi boxes. This would allow me to use the same remote (Direct TV which my wife and I love) for all of the Kodi boxes in the house?
  4. Yawor, sorry I left that information out. I should have realized that as I design equipment that use CEC for control. This is what happens when you get old. LOL
  5. Does or has anyone set up a remote button to send a CEC command? I would like to use the green button to turn on my AVR via the CEC. If there is an easier way does anyone know?
  6. I use the Direct TV remote. My wife and I love it.
  7. I have entered the Direct TV remote codes here if anyone would like to use the file. It works great on two Win10-Kodi boxes. Very high WAF. Direct TV Remote Key Mapping Settings.txt
  8. When I was VP of Engineering at Niles, we found that some IR Blasters send too much IR for certain IR receivers. Whence we put 'volume controls' on our outputs to the blaster. You may solve this by simply applying black electrical tape to the sensor (Flirc). The tape is not opaque to IR light. Moving them farther apart does not do the same thing.
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