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  1. Sorry about that..it didn't work the first time, but looks like dropping the correct key is going to work..syncing now to be sure.
  2. My flicr came in tonight and other than having to manually load the driver, seems to be working pretty well. But I need to edit a couple of keys and since both the flirc and the Harmony 650 are both new to me I need some help on how to do this. My skip forward/back keys are the main ones I need to change. Right now if I use them while watching live tv, it changes the channel. Many remotes I have tried do this, so I know it is a common problem. It looks like I need to do this in the myharmony program, not the flirc program , but iam not sure about that. Pretty sure what I really need is step forward/back function instead When I am in the "change what a button does" part of the program it won't let me simply edit the key with the correct function but rather I need to find another remote (with the correct step function key and train it. Is this correct or is there a simplier way?? Thanks
  3. Hi, I am going to try to get this going tomorrow night with a Nvidia Shield along with a new Harmony 650 . If I understand this article correctly, I need yet another remote to program it with???? If so, why and how do I do this? https://flirc.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204311525-Adding-functions-to-Flirc-s-XBMC-Kodi-Harmony-Profile thanks.
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