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  1. I appreciate the info, however it still baffles me that after over 3 months having this and posting my concerns and frustration right away that the explanation for the trouble comes after so much time has passed. I purchased this in October and it has sat on my desk gathering dust. I do not like wasting tech, it would have been nice to know all this in the beginning. Would have saved me a lot of lost hours.
  2. Wish it were that simple. Thank you for the suggestion but dozens of hours of tryouts included this option! I have selected every type, every setting, every step. This is just too Windows Media intolerant, as well as not having any passive mode such as "just receiver" mode that just provides key passes to the device. From what I can tell this is designed to "change" the button presses of any remote into custom ones, which would be great except it doesn't work for any Windows Media Center type applications, which is kind of counter-intuitive, but it's not my product!!! Thanks again. (That and the fact it took almost 3 full months for someone to respond to me is also quite concerning for a new customer support interaction)
  3. What does this mean?? If I use "clear configuration" then I try pairing, when I try to set "volume up" control I get this message.
  4. Hi, I love the concept of the product however it doesn't seem to be responding as I expected.. I am using a mini credit-card size windows media remote and was trying to map it to the Flirc, and there were some issues. The up and down buttons sync ok, left and right seem to, I set the back button, and some others.. but when I get Windows Media center open on the screen, the up arrow scrolls up, the down arrow scrolls up, back does nothing, the button for play/pause cannot be set because on your configuration there is a play, and a separate pause, and often when I try to map a key, the software tells me "that key already exists" when I have not set it yet. If I try it multiple times it finally sets but it doesn't work. Now I know this remote works fine, when I use it with a run of the mill USB IR receiver.. However you cannot find one of those small and without a long cable attached to it. i opted for your product because I needed a tiny receiver. Is there something I can do? Is there a setting for the FLIRC to set it as a simple receiver, sending whatever commands it receives without any programming? Thanks for any help!
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