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  1. Just thought I'd jump in to second S_13Mills' comment. I just got through setting up Flirc so my Harmony One remote can control my MythTV system (running on Fedora 21, 64 bit) together with my TV, Amplifier and Blu-ray player. I also used the Computer:MediaPC, Flirc:XBMC profile from the Harmony software. It was very easy to remap buttons from that profile and create new ones to cover all the MythTV features I wanted to use from the remote and thereafter use the full keyboard mode in the Flirc GUI to bind the remote's buttons to the corresponding MythTV keyboard commands. Once I figured out how to install the Flirc GUI software under Fedora (rpm package on the downloads page is still broken!), I got everything done in 15-20 minutes (including the time it took to look up dozens of MythTV keyboard commands). The last time I set up my Harmony One to control a MythTV system, I practically sweated blood before I got it working; this time, thanks to Flirc, it was a breeze. Thanks!
  2. I run Fedora 21, 64 bit. As of today, the rpm package on the downloads page is still broken, but I was able to install from the flirc_1.3.6-1_amd64.deb file in the way dbrand666 described above. It'd sure give users a greater feeling of confidence if the packages on the downloads page would work "out of the box." Having said that, I should also say that, once installed, the program worked perfectly; setting up my Flirc on my laptop to get my Harmony One remote talking to my MythTV system was very easy and Flirc "just worked" when plugged into the MythTV box.
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