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  1. Thanks Chris,


    That link was very useful, I reviewed the keyboard functions and mapped a few extra keys that I used frequently with my previous remote.

    'b' maps to record function 'schedule recording timers', which is a different function, It does not directly enable a recording.


    Some forum posts suggested that in previous versions of XBMC, the keyboard letter 'g' was for the record function.

    The current kodi keyboard layout has no function assigned to 'g'.


    I installed the keymap editor add-on to Kodi, then editing the default keymap.

    I found 'record' within the PVR functions, and mapped to the fancy red record button on my new remote.


    Record function now working!


    Thanks for your help, I wasnt expecting such a quick response to my post.


    Thanks all!

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  2. Hi Guys,


    I received my Flirc and paired most of the functions that i use via the GUI.


    I use the MythTV PVR plugin within KODI, and when browsing the EPG i usually use the 'record' button on my remote to schedule a recording of a TV listing.

    I've looked through all the controller profiles in Flirc GUI, but cannot locate a 'record' button to pair.


    Am i missing something?


    I realise there are other ways to schedule a recording, but the 'record' button allows me to schedule with a single step (1 click).

    Other methods take longer, so I would prefer to pair the 'record' buttom on my remote to the function.



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