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  1. i have this issue with flirc + firetv + harmony 700 i need to restart the firetv sometimes (some problems with youtube app are fixed after restarting the firetv) with the firetv remote you can restart the device pressing OK + PLAY buttons for 5 or 6 seconds. but doing this with the harmony remote + flirc doesnt work. i press OK + PLAY in the harmony remote but the firetv doesnt restart. maybe the IR device cant send two commands at the same time so the firetv doesnt know im trying to restart it?? there is a workaround to make this work?
  2. hello anyone has problem with the game 'crossy road' on the firetv using flirc ?? i got flirc the other day, i use it with the firetv and a harmony 700, it works fine in the firetv dashboard, or apps like youtube , netflix, twitch, Kodi, etc and games like Riptide GP2 , flappy bird, tabletop racing, badland. but when i go to crossy road the controls just dont work. i dont know if is a flirc issue or the game. if i use the firetv remote the game works just fine. in the game description its says that support the firetv remote, like all the other games i mentioned already
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