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  1. Hi yawor, Thank you for your reply. This setup is actually working pretty well, so I guess I'll leave it as-is for now considering the EEPROM has so many writes. Thanks! Pouya
  2. My goal is to have one key suspend and wake (with no other keys waking). According to: the "Suspend" key should wake (and suspend). However, for me it acts no different than any other key with regard to waking (in particular, if Wake is undefined, all keys including Suspend wake, otherwise only Wake does). I have tried both the beta and stable firmwares. Using a strategy similar to: I was able to get the desired beahvior, but I am concerned that there may be too many write cycles. Does anyone know the number of write cycles that this microcontroller can handle (from looking up what I believe is the specs, the flash has 10k cycles, and the eeprom has 100k. not sure which is applicable here). Thanks!
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