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  1. Oh yes, & if you use the GUI to save a config, just add the extension ".fcfg" on the end as you are naming it & everything works as it should - which neatly works around the problem.
  2. Hi, thanks for the info. OK, when I save it using the command line, it automatically saves it with the correct extension ie if I type in flirc_util saveconfig ~/Desktop/my_flirc_config it saves the config file as "my_flirc_config.fcfg" The good news is that this file is now automatically listed by the GUI, & by manually renaming the other backup configs that I've done, they now show up too. I haven't actually loaded one of the files though, as my flirc is doing nearly everything that I need it to currently.
  3. Hi, GUI Version 1.3.0 Firmware Version: 3.3 GUI installed on Ubuntu Version 14.10 x64 flirc then moved to a Raspbmc (running from a reputable power source) In the GUI, when I go to the "Controllers" menu & select "XBMC" I can program everything exactly as it is supposed to. When the flirc is plugged into the Raspbmc, all programmed buttons on the remote work exactly as expected - apart from the Power button on the remote which instead of powering down XBMC just loads the home screen & highlights "System". I've duplicated this on two completely different remotes, so it appears to be the keyboard code that the GUI attches to the "Power" button from the XBMC Controllers screen, rather than anything else. Apart from the 2 tiny glitches (I raised another GUI bug on the forum too), flirc is a fantastic bit of kit & I had it up & running in next to no time. Of course, it helps that I have a draw full of old, obsolete remote controls too. :P
  4. Hi, GUI Version 1.3.0 Firmware Version: 3.3 Ubuntu Version 14.10 x64 When saving a config the GUI doesn't give it a file extension. When trying to load a config, the GUI can't list any type of files, so it is impossible to load a pre-saved config because it can't list anything. The drop-down to select which type of files are shown only gives the option of "flirc config" - which doesn't allow anything to be displayed. The files that is saves, even though it can't load them in again, appear to be small binary files, so the saving option is apparently doing something promising :) Apart from this bug though, I have got my flirc pretty much up & running as I want it to, so cheers for a great product. I've got one other thing that I'll post seperately, as it isn't connected. Justin
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