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    Double-key click issue

    Okay, with no response on this issue, I just bought a new remote... I'm now using the Western Digital Live Hub remote that everyone brags about. It mostly works, except for the power button, which is about the most inconvenient button to have not work. Does anyone know if there a remote out there that works to cut the NUC on, and also works as expected with this device? I keep hitting different issues with every new remote I buy.
  2. bek

    Double-key click issue

    Hi, Jason. GUI is version 1.3.6. Firmware is v3.6. Not using a Harmony remote. Device controlled is a Windows NUC HTPC.
  3. Hello. I love my Flirc, but after upgrading the firmware from 2.0 to the latest version, I am seeing occasional double-key clicks. I only notice this in navigation (both Windows interface and Kodi interface). I've read the FAQ posting about it, and my Inter-Key delay was already set to the max (6). This is new behavior with the new firmware, as my Flirc has been perfect for many months. Does anyone know what might be the problem?
  4. I just got Flirc about an hour ago, but XBMC accepts keyboard input, so isn't the context menu as simple as mapping a 'C' to a key on your remote? I just did it and it was easy. It's probably the same with full screen mode. Is that what you're talking about or am I way off?