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  1. I have just updated the shield software to the new version and seem to have lost the 'home' button functionality in flirc (using Harmony 1). Any ideas on how to get it back? Currently using Flirc Shield Tv and Kodi profiles combined for different functions. thanks
  2. Thanks I've tried that. There is no option for the osd there anyway
  3. I know the profile is high on many people's priorities to be updated but I tried a workaround that didn't work. i tried the microsoft keyboard as a device in the harmony but that failed. (i kind of know why now) In the FLIRC gui I tried to get the 'M' key (full keyboard) to map to the 'guide' key on the harmony but nothing happened. it just continued to flash until I stopped it. Is this a bug in the software or have I missed something? I'm on the latest stable and latest firmware. the XBMC profile works great with the Harmony 650 apart from the missing buttons obviously. thanks
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