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  1. Hello, I've had Flirc for about a year now and it's been working great. I've been using it in windows with no issues at all. I recently got an iMac with Yosemite. I installed the software and it prompted me to upgrade to firmware 3.1 which I did. Problem is that now when i try to program my flirc it can't be done. When I pair a key with my remote Flirc says it recorder succesfully but when I press the key on my remote, the Flirc software doesn't light up the key I recorded. This only happens in Yosemite. I tried this under windows with Firmware 3.1 and it recorded perfectly. I have a spanish keyboard but I don't think that has anything to do with this problem. I tried to record my keys on Windows then connect Flirc on my Mac with no success. I also have to note that when I press the ctrl, alt, shift or cmd keys on my keyboard, the Flirc software won't light them up. I tried using my Windows keyboard but I get the same result here. Anyways, this is my first time with Flirc on a Mac so I'm not sure if I'm missing something to get this to work. I appreciate any input or help you guys can give. Thanks!
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