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  1. I tried to @ mention you in my previous reply, but i don't think i was successful, so just replying to this so you hopefully get a notification :)
  2. @jason I've also got the shield (and, because Nvidia rocks, the remote is in the mail for free ;) ). I've got FLIRC on my 2 ouyas and on my fire tv (thanks again for making such an awesome product). Using harmony 650's and one Harmony One. Just tried setting the One up for native SATV IR, but of course, as everyone else mentioned, there are commands missing when in Kodi ("i" for info, "c" for console window, numbers, etc). I'd also like to just move one of my FLIRCs into the SATV, and I've got USB keyboards available to test/map anything. Aside from that, Jason, would you be able to util
  3. Hmmm, i've got issue with my Ouya and I thought it was a sensitivity issue, but maybe I'm wrong? The Ouya I'm using has an ethernet cable plugged in, and an HDMI cable also, and all those are right around/next to the USB jack, so the FLIRC is surrounded by wires. I've been playing around with turning my OUYA to expose the IR receiver on different sides, but I can't seem to get it to work perfectly. I just took a USB extension to see if that would help, and it DOES seem to be a little better, but not perfect. Which side of the FLIRC actually has the IR receiver? One side is "blank" and th
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