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  1. I have setup the whole remote buttons now. So much easier than my Logitech Harmony I had before, less buttons and smaller, everyone in the family can use it. In Flirc software, I chose Full-Keyboard. Used the keyboard-letter on the left, and pressed the remote buttons on the right. If you dont know how to modify the .xml (Free XML Editor software), you can replace the keyboard.xml with mine: www.4shared.com/document/8bWvzYCAba/keyboard.html You have to use software like WinSCP or FlashFXP and connect to your raspbmc, to transfer the file. Address or URL is the raspbmc ip-address. User Name = pi Password = raspberry
  2. Hi, Found the best remote to raspbmc, WD TV remote. Small and easy, even grandmothers can use it now. Full keyboard: Space = Pause/Play X = Stop F = Fastforward R = Rewind L = Next Subtitle ( Option-button) S = Power ESC = Home Backspace = Back Enter = Enter Arrows (keyboard) = Like arrows on the remote C = Eject (contextual menu, for safely remove usb device) CloseSquareBracket = Prev (Previous Chapter) OpenSquareBracket = Next (Next Chapter) (have to modify keyboard.xml in raspbmc, add "SkipNext" and "SkipPrevious" between the squarebrackets instead of "BigStepForward" and "BigStepBack". Q = Search (Next Audio Track) (have to modify keyboard.xml in raspbmc, add a new line with "<q>AudioNextLanguage</q>" under FullScreenVideo keyboard) With the arrows, you can even step forward/backward +-30sec and +-10min. Thanks in advance
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