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  1. Pressing CTRL-F on my keyboard does a 30-second-skip, a really useful feature, in Windows Media Center. I tried to map a button on my remote to CTRL-F, but it doesn't seem to work in WMC. I'm not using one of the off-frequency remotes; I've programmed my Logitech Harmony to use one of the suggested brands, which I feel certain uses signals near the 38kHz range. The weird thing is, it seems to have mapped the CTRL-F button correctly -- I can open up Wordpad and press my "30s skip" button, and the "Find" dialog opens. However, when Windows Media Center is playing content, the button is totally ignored. Other buttons like "Fast Foward" (mapped to CTRL-SHIFT-F) work fine. I have the same problem with CTRL-B (skip back), and CTRL-D (show info menu). They seem to be ignored by Windows Media Center when the keys are pressed by the Flirc dongle, but work fine when I press those key combos on my diNovo mini. Can anyone help?
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