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  1. Well, after another half hour of messing around it seems to be working again. No idea what finally seemed to do it, but I'll keep my fingers crossed it stays that way.
  2. The device had worked fine since January, but this morning it has suddenly stopped functioning properly. I tried reprogramming it and the software claims to have stored the remote button, but it will not respond when pressed again. I have a couple of times gotten it to respond to the remote, but only when the remote is directly next to the dongle and even then it registers as dozen of presses or gets stuck as if I am holding the button down. I've tried getting it to work with a Tivo remote I've used all along and the LG remote that came with the TV. Upgraded the latest gui 1.2.6 and firmware to 2.6. Running on Windows 7 professional. Any ideas? Thanks.
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