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  1. Hi Chris, I haven't tried re-programming, but I'll give it a go. Thanks, John
  2. Hi Jason, I have a single incandescent bulb in the room, but this happens with all lights off in the room. At this moment the room is fairly dark (it's after sunset here in France and all lights in the room are are switched off), and XBMC is acting as though I have the remote downkey pressed continuously. I've got the remote in another room, so I know it's not the remote's fault. I'm going to have to reboot the Pi using putty (I can log into the Pi normally from my Windows PC) to stop it, because I can't use the XBMC remote on the PC until the runaway Flirc stops. Thanks, John
  3. Hi, I'm using a Flirc on my XBMC Raspberry Pi (OpenELEC 4.0.4) and today it's just gone crazy. Every time I push a button I get endless repeats, sometimes lasting half a minute or so. It's not the remote (Humax RM-F01) which works perfectly on both my Humax FoxSat HDR and my television. The Flirc has always been a bit iffy, but today it has become totally unusable and I've had to go back to controlling XBMC from my PC in another room, which isn't great. The Flirc is on firmware version 2.6, and in Advanced Settings I've set Sleep Detection off, Noise Canceler on, Built-In Profiles off, Inter-Key Delay 4. Any ideas, please?
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