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  1. Strange to hear that. Maybe "flirc v0.96" software is designed with c# also.
  2. I want to buy a flirc but I'm not sure if it's what I'm looking for or not.. 1 - Flirc is infrared receiver and also infrared transmitter. Am I right? 2- I want to read "remote control button informations" by my c# program. anyone made similar project before? Is there any example project? I mean source codes for c#. All I want to do is, detecting which button is pressed on remote control. Something like this.. can you share some informations about this? Forexample I will push button1 on remote control, flirc will detect it.. c# project will read information from flirc.. and c# project will print document1.. if button2 pressed on remote control, then document2 will be printted. is this possible? if possible, is there any example project or some documentation to make connection between c# and flirc? Thank you for helps and sorry for my english.
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