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  1. Hi Jason, This is from my original post: Programming the menu key requires use of the windows command line program. There seems to be some confusion in the forums about reference to the command line app. It is not part of Flirc or the Flirc GUI, but part of windows. Now my level of knowledge pales in comparison to many of the members here, but this is what I was able to decipher. I found this page to help me learn about the command line commands: http://www.pcstats.c...eid=1723&page=2 As I mentioned, the command line program cmd.exe Is part of Windows. You can
  2. Well done schneid! I think your post will be very helpful to anyone trying to work through this! Between your post and mine, I think there is enough info to get the job done. Could it be easire, sure. But can it be done, Absolutely! Mine has worked perfectly since I figured it out and I've really enjoyed the firetv. Best of luck to all who try!
  3. mrcdsouza I won't presume to answer for Jason, but this is how I was able to get my remote to work. I think that Jason will eventually build a controller profile using this info but I don't see it in version 1.2.6. Hope this helps, Tony
  4. schneid, Glad to hear you got it working. Sorry that I didn't respond sooner. I was out of the country. All the best, Tony
  5. Hi Everyone, Well mjmillerusa was correct. F12 = home so I have updated my table with the correct values. Please let me know if there are any errors Tony
  6. Sweet! I would have never thought to try that. I'll try it 1st chance that I get Thank You!
  7. Thanks for the gifts you sent! Really not necessary! As I mentioned, I haven't found a good solution to the "Home" command for fireTV. Anything that I tried, either doesn't work or works like a "Back" command. LMK if I can help, and thanks again, Tony
  8. Hi, Not that I'm aware of. I can't imagine how I could send you what I've done since it is ultimately based on the signals that my remote is putting out. I think you will find that it is pretty easy to do with the info above. Don't get bogged down with the stuff about the menu key. I'm not sure how much that is actually used. If anyone knows of a way for me to share what I've done in a useful way, please let me know. Tony
  9. Hi, I just started a thread about my experience with Flirc and fireTV. It might be helpful Tony
  10. **** EDIT **** Hey guys, Jason here. Be sure to check out the bottom of this post for additional information that I made *************** **** DOUBLE EDIT **** Official Amazon firetv support added to the latest release candidate. It's very stable, and will probably go public: Is now in the stable firmware ********************************* Using Flirc with Amazon's fireTV. After finding bits and pieces of helpful info in various threads, I thought it might be helpful to start a new thread that combines what I've learned with a place for others to share their experiences. Fi
  11. Hi Everyone, Newbie here! I recently bought an Amazon fireTV and love it except for the remote! It is bluetooth and I can't use my URC 980 programable IR remote with it since there are no IR commands to learn and no IR input. So Flirc comes to the rescue! I have programmed everything that I need except the "Menu" key. This thread discusses it but seems to assume a level of knowledge that I don't have. Can someone please post some info on how to use the command line app and where to find it? I'm using Flirc 1.2.5 and firmware 2.3 on a Win 8 64 bit PC.
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