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  1. It was only the back button. Its been 3 days since I cleaned all the buttons and its not happening any more. All sorted and I am using the latest openelec beta.
  2. I will try cleaning the configuration and trying again.
  3. Sure! here it is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tay54apnpfyorr6/Flirc-Config.fcfg But all I did was loading the Flirc profile from myharmony website Never recorded a single button.
  4. I just installed the 3.2.4 and the ghost touches are still there. It keeps hitting the back button by itself all the time. So annoying. Need to find another alternative. or my flirc device is defective.
  5. I am using Gotham rc1. Do you think if I move to a different distro will help? like Xbian or Raspmc?
  6. Hi guys, I really don't what do do here. My Flirc keep sending the back button from time to time (like I pressed the back) what happens is when I am watching a movie xbmc returns to the previous screen all the time. If I leave only my receiver and my pi on I can hear the key presses from time to time. What can I do? I setup my harmony with the Flirc Media Profile so there is no chance that interference is the problem. Thanks
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