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  1. Fixed. I think I found my problem. Seems to be related to using the EyeTV remote. I saw the getting started video using a Samsung remote. I found a Samsung remote and the Flirc seems to work properly with that remote. It's possible that the EyeTV remote is a UHF remote which could explain why it didn't work with the IR Flirc. I haven't yet tried the Raspbmc but I suspect it will work just fine. Thanks for your patience with me and Thanks to the Flirc folks for making a really fine product.
  2. I used Advanced to Force Update Firmware again. It said "Firmware Successfully Upgraded". I also used Advanced to "Disable built-in profiles" Then I pressed Go! The Up button said "Button already exists". All the other buttons also said "Button already exists". Eventually it said "No Space for New Buttons".
  3. I already tried this. Forgot to mention it in my original post. My version is 2.4 the current version is 2.4. It downloaded the firmware and said that the update was successful. No help. The app still won't let me program the buttons. At one point previously I also received a message saying something to the effect of "no space available for new buttons". As far as I can tell, the Flirc does not respond to any of the buttons on Mac or on Raspbmc.
  4. I hope to use Flirc with Raspbmc but am new to Raspbery Pi and do not know how to download the Flirc program. I tried to program Flirc on a Macbook Air using an EyeTV remote. I keep getting "Button already exists - Start Over, Skip, Redo". I tried all three choices - no help. I tried "Clear Configuration" - no help. I tried "Erase" - no help. HELP.
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