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  1. Ok I just got Flirc to work with a old WMC remote I had for my old 360 and it worked. It worked fairly good. Had to press the key 2 times to get it to respond. When using the MyHarmony do I remove all the commands in that? Like what the buttons are suppose to do? Ok not sure what I did but I was able to get it to work on my main PC. I'm gonna take the Flirc and put it on my HTPC and see if that works. Ok it all works out fine now. Still not sure why it wouldn't pick it up before but it's working now. I do have 1 question, is there a command for a right click for XBMC with Flirc with the remote? Right click allows getting into the settings at the addon so I was wondering if it was possible.
  2. Ok well I don't have a Mac and all my pc's run Win 7. I have 2 desktop pc's and 1 laptop but both running Windows 7 64bit. I do have a Boxee Box but that's about it. As far as the manually installing the driver there was no link to the driver to download. Also I can see the Flirc in my Device Manager as a libusbK USB Devices and it shows flirc and it says it's working properly. Is there anything in XBMC that I'm suppose to do to get this to work? I just tried to do the Minimalist buttons and just after doing the up button it says, "no more spaces for new buttons".
  3. Ok I have no clue on why I can't get my Flirc and Harmony 650 to work with my XBMC. I used the setup using the My Harmony and it found everything with all the commands and Sync'ed it to my remote. Plugged it into my HTPC and ran XBMC and nothing happend. I also grabbed the Flirc addon for XBMC and even though it's plugged in the addon shows it as disconnected. I'll remove Flirc and then put it back in and I hear my sound showing that it's plugged in and the addon for a brief few seconds will show it as being connected but then shows it's disconnected. It's not the USB port that's the problem cause it was the same port I had my Logitech Wireless USB device for my K400 wireless keyboard plugged in and that works just fine. I'm running Windows 7 64bit, XBMC 12.3, and I downloaded the latest version of Flirc which was updated a few days ago. Can somebody help me figure this out.
  4. Is this info still good or old? Using Flirc v1.2.2 for windows and firmware v2.0. Just got my Flirc in today and my Harmony 650 a few days ago.
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